SiGMA Europe ’23 in Malta: The Epicenter of online gambling and iGaming

What is SiGMA Europe and why is it so significant?

SiGMA Europe stands as the pinnacle of all conferences in the gaming industry. Returning to its European roots, SiGMA draws leaders from the global gaming community to the European continent. With a record number of 800 sponsors and exhibitors, 25,000 delegates, and 250 speakers, the event is larger than ever before. The event offers a unique opportunity for industry professionals to network, share knowledge, and discover the latest trends and innovations in online gambling and iGaming. For more information about the event and scheduled activities, you can visit the official SiGMA Europe website.

Where and when does SiGMA Europe take place?

SiGMA Europe is set to be held in Malta, MMH, from 14th to 16th November 2023. The event boasts a new, larger venue, three times the size of the previous year’s. With its favourable regulatory climate and robust iGaming infrastructure, Malta is the ideal location for such a prestigious event. During their stay, attendees can also enjoy the island’s beautiful sights and culture. The choice of Malta as the host country underscores the island’s significance as a central hub in online gambling and iGaming.

How does SiGMA contribute to Online Gambling and iGaming growth in Europe?

With its successful expansion to multiple continents in 2023, SiGMA has seen a record demand for their show in Malta. The global gaming community is converging in Valletta. For companies expanding into any market, this show is a must-attend. The event also offers workshops, panel discussions, and presentations on the latest trends and challenges in the industry, making it a valuable learning experience for all attendees. The presence of leading brands and industry experts makes the event a hotbed for innovation and collaboration.

Who are the notable participants and speakers at SiGMA Europe?

Some of the notable participants include the Prime Minister of Malta, Hon. Robert Abela, and the Minister for Economy, EU funds, and Countries of Malta, Hon. Silvio Schembri. Other prominent figures from the gaming industry, such as Darryl Manning, CEO of Wicked Games, and Ivan Filletti, COO of Gaming Malta, will also be in attendance. These speakers will share their insights and expertise, providing attendees with valuable knowledge about the current state and future of the iGaming industry. The presence of such leading figures emphasizes the importance and relevance of SiGMA Europe in the global gaming community.

What are some of the side events taking place during SiGMA Europe?

Numerous side events are planned, including the SiGMA Europe Awards, SiGMA Europe Pitch, Charity 6K Fun Run, Football Tournament, Valletta Cultural Tour, Centurion MMA Fight, Ikigai Retreat, and Padel Tournament. These events offer attendees the chance to network in a more relaxed setting while also enjoying Malta’s culture and beauty. They also provide opportunities for brands to promote their products and services and for attendees to discover new business opportunities.

How does SiGMA position Malta as a key hub for iGaming?

With a massive exhibition of brands outside for that festival feeling SiGMA Malta is known for, the event positions Malta as a key hub for iGaming in Europe and beyond. The expo also provides a platform for startups to showcase their innovations and attract investors, making it a breeding ground for new ideas and collaborations in the industry. Malta’s strategic location in the heart of the Mediterranean, coupled with its favorable business climate, makes it the ideal location for an event of this magnitude and significance.

What are the networking opportunities during SiGMA Europe?

There are numerous networking opportunities, including 8 sports events, 2 cultural tours, over 35 networking dinners, daily networking drinks, 8 parties, 2 award evenings, and 10 mega-yachts serving as stands next to the expo venue. These events are specially designed to help attendees forge valuable business connections and explore collaboration opportunities. Networking is a crucial component of SiGMA Europe, and the organizers have ensured ample opportunities for attendees to connect and collaborate.

How does SiGMA drive innovation in the world of Online Gambling?

With a wide array of exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers, SiGMA provides a platform for the latest innovations, trends, and insights in online gambling. The event also offers opportunities for startups and investors to meet and collaborate, making it a catalyst for innovation and growth in the industry. By showcasing the latest technologies and solutions, SiGMA helps propel the industry forward, evolving to meet the changing needs of players and operators.

What sets SiGMA Europe apart from other iGaming conferences?

SiGMA Europe stands out due to its large-scale approach, with a record number of attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors. The focus is on networking, learning, and doing business, making it an indispensable event for anyone in the gaming industry. Additionally, the event offers a wide range of side activities and entertainment options, making it a business event and a cultural and social experience.

What can attendees expect from the future of SiGMA and iGaming in Europe?

With the ongoing growth and evolution of the iGaming industry in Europe, attendees can expect SiGMA to remain at the forefront of innovation, networking, and business opportunities in the coming years. The event will continue to serve as a platform for the industry to unite, learn, and grow. The future of iGaming in Europe looks bright, and SiGMA will undoubtedly continue to play a pivotal role in shaping that future.

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